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Rotational Mounding Machine

Model : YR-FL120-II

It is used for processing old woven bag, plastic film or other broken old plastic to make them into granules that will be reused as raw materials. 

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Performance and Characteristics


  • High accuracy
  • Reduce costs and shorten construction time
  • Durable and easy to operate


A Rotational Mounding Machine is construction equipment used to create foundations for buildings or structures. It is also used to level the ground before the building begins construction. The machine consists of a rotating drum that generates the mound. The mound is created by the vibration of the drum and the material is pressed down by the weight of the machine.


Main Technical Parameters

  Model   YR-FL120-II
  Screw diameter   120mm
  L/d ration of screw   11:1
  Rotational speed   50-80r/min
  Heating power   20kw
  Power of motor   22/7.5kw
  Production capacity   50-80kg/h
  Weight   2000kgs
  Installing dimension   4800*2500*1300mm


About Rotational Mounding Machine


A Rotational Mounding Machine is a specialized piece of equipment typically used in agricultural applications, but can also be used in construction or landscaping projects. The Rotational Mounding Machine moves the soil from one place to another using a rotating disc that can be adjusted to create mounds of different sizes and shapes.


Rotational Mounding Machine


The Rotational Mounding Machine can move more dirt at a time with greater precision than traditional methods. This makes it a more efficient tool, resulting in lower costs and shorter construction time.


1. Rotational Mounding Machine with a ripper drum and a chisel for cutting sod.


2. The piled soil warms up earlier in the spring, providing an earlier start to the growing season.


3. Rotational Mounding Machine produces uniform mounds quickly and easily.


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