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Best Circular Loom Weaving Machine - Yiran machine


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What is a Circular Loom


A circular loom is a type of textile loom that is used to create tubes of fabric. The fabric is created by passing the weft yarn around the warp yarn, creating a tube shape. This type of loom is typically used to create socks, stockings, and other tubular garments.


The circular loom is a centuries-old weaving device that was used to produce cloth. It is a simple and efficient design that can be easily replicated. Today, the circular loom is making a comeback as a popular choice for fabric production. The circular loom is versatile and easy to use, making it a great option for beginning weavers.


Circular Loom is for open mesh (leno weave) packaging fabric for fruits & vegetable, to 6 shuttle for a wide range of packaging applications such as cement, fertilizer, polymer granules, chemicals, grains, animal feed, seeds and husk and 8 shuttle for the production of wide width fabric for Jumbo bags (FIBC’s), tarpaulins and Geo & agro textiles. It has advantages of the latest technology – higher operating efficiencies, excellent weaving quality, lower wastage, lower energy consumption, lower maintenance etc.


Round weaving looms are a type of loom that have a circular frame. They are popular in Europe and the Middle East because they are easier to use than other types of looms. Round weaving looms can be made from wood or metal, and can be used for a variety of fabrics including cotton, linen, and silk.


circular loom


Advantages & Features of Circular Loom


Circular loom is a centuries-old technology that uses a rotating beam to weave fabric. It has many advantages over other weaving methods, including being faster, more accurate, and less labor-intensive. Some of the features of circular looms include their versatility and the ability to create textiles in a variety of colors and patterns.


The circular loom is a versatile weaving tool that can be used to create a variety of fabrics and textiles.

The machine is able to produce a variety of fabrics, including those with complex patterns and textures.

The circular loom is a time-saving tool that can produce fabric quickly and efficiently.

The machine is easy to operate, making it perfect for beginner weavers.

The circular loom is a durable machine that can be used for years with proper care.


Application range of Circular Looms :


The circular loom has a wide application range for both home and commercial use. It is perfect for creating woven fabrics of all types, from simple rugs to intricate tapestries. The loom is also versatile enough to be used as a primary weaving fabricator or as a supplementary fabric producer.


Circular looms are used in a variety of industries, including clothing, automotive, and furniture. They are versatile machines that can be adapted to many different applications. There are a variety of types of circular looms, each with its own application range.




Technical Parameters of Circular Loom (New Flat Cam)







No. of shuttle (pcs)






Max. revolutions of main motor (rpm)






Folding width of textile (mm)






Power of main motor (Kw)






Max. diameter of wefts (mm)






Max. diameter of warps (mm)






Number of warps (pc)






Total weight (t)






Outside dimensions (L×W×H)







Uses of Circle Loom Weaving: 


Circle loom weaving is a traditional weaving technique that is used to create fabric using a circular loom. The technique is used to create fabrics that are often used for clothing, blankets, and other textile items. There are many different uses for circle loom weaving, and it can be used to create a variety of different types of fabric.


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Four Shuttle Circular Loom


Weaving a shuttle circular loom on a basic frame is an easy way to weave a colorful and textured fabric. With this loom, you can weave fabrics with any design, shape or size. The frame can be made from wood or plastic, and the loom can be easily customized to fit your needs.


Six Shuttle Circular Loom


Six shuttle circular loom is a type of weaving loom. It is also known as the Persian Square Loom, because it was first used in Persia. The loom is a simplex frame with a series of warps on each side, and the weaver uses a shuttle to pass the weft yarn over the warp yarns.


Circular Loom For Mesh Bag


A circular loom is a great way to make a mesh bag. This loom is very easy to use and can be made in just a few minutes. You can create any shape you want by changing the pattern of the weaving.With a circular loom, you can make a mesh bag that is durable and stylish. This type of loom is easy to use and doesn't require any special tools. You can create a variety of patterns with this loom, and it's perfect for creating small items like keychains ornaments.


High-Speed Circular Loom for Mesh Bag


Mesh bags are a popular type of packaging, but the traditional way to make them is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Now, there's a new high-speed circular loom that can create mesh bags quickly and easily. The loom uses a series of rings to create the mesh, so it's faster and more efficient than traditional methods. This technology could help reduce the amount of time needed to make mesh bags, which would be a boon to manufacturers and consumers alike.


Four Shuttle Circular Loom for PP Woven Bag


The PP woven bag is a popular type of bag that can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, polypropylene, and rayon. A shuttle circular loom is the most common type of loom used to make these bags. This type of loom has four beams that hold the warp yarn in place as the shuttle passes over it.


The shuttle circular loom is a new and innovative weaving machine that is revolutionizing the production of woven bags. The shuttle circular loom is a much more efficient weaving machine that creates a higher quality product than traditional looms. The benefits of using the shuttle circular loom include faster production times, reduced labor costs, and improved quality control.


Circular Weaving Machine for PP Woven Fabric


The circular weaving machine is a new development in the field of manufacturing of PP woven fabrics. It has replaced the traditional weaving machines in many industries, such as automobile and textile industries. The circular weaving machine has certain advantages such as high speed, repeatability, accuracy, and easy operability.


Circular Loom for PP Woven Sack


The circular loom is a new and innovative weaving technology that can produce large, strong woven sacks quickly and easily. This loom is made up of a series of rotating drums that are attached to a frame. The weaver walks the cloth around the drums and uses the tension in the warp to create the fabric. This type of loom is perfect for producing woven sacks because it is fast, easy to use, and produces high-quality fabrics.


The PP woven sack machine circular loom is designed for weaving high-quality sacks. This machine has a Capacity of up to 1000 sacks per hour, making it a popular choice for large enterprises. It has a horizontal weaving motion and is powered by an electric motor.


China Circular Loom Manufacturer/Supplier/Factory 


Buy a circular loom at Yiran machine, We are a professional manufacturer of Circular Loom. A circular loom is a type of loom that can be used to create round or cylindrical pieces of fabric.


China Circular Loom Manufacturer Supplier Factory - Yiran machine offers high-quality, low-cost circular looms for weaving, knitting, and crochet. With years of experience in the industry, our factory is able to provide customers with a variety of options for customization and production efficiency. From pre-made templates to customized designs, we are here to help you get started on your next project!

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