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PP Woven Sack Making Machine

Waste tape, broken products and scrap in the process of woven bags can be used as material for tape drawing again after being crushed by the machine.

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Performance and Characteristics


  • lower production cost
  • durable
  • High machine reliability
  • The machine operation is very simple


The PP Woven Sack Making Machine is now an essential piece of equipment in the printing and packaging industry. It can not only produce high-quality sacks, but also save manpower and material resources. The speed of the PP Woven Sack Making Machine is controllable and meets the needs of different customers.


Main Technical Parameters

  Capacity   Width of blade   Power of motor   Weight   Installing dimenstion
  50kg/h   300mm   5.5kw   200kgs   1050*800*1370mm


About PP Woven Sack Making Machine


The PP Woven Sack Making Machine is an efficient, multi-purpose machine that is the latest technology for bag making. It is a highly automated machine, mainly used for the production of PP woven bags, which can produce sacks at high speed and accuracy. The sacks produced by this machine are of high quality and can be used to pack various products. This machine is popular for its efficiency and high productivity.


PP Woven Sack Making Machine


PP Woven Sack Making Machine also has a PLC control system and ultrasonic welding system, which ensures stable performance and high-quality sacks. Ultrasonic welding system produces strong seams that are resistant to tearing and splitting. This makes the sack more durable.


1. PP Woven Sack Making Machine is a high-tech product integrating mechanical, electrical, and computer technologies.


2. It has the advantages of low noise, stable performance, and convenient operation.


3. The machine can automatically produce sacks of different specifications according to customer requirements.


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