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New Portable Sewing Machine

Model : QF-RY800

This machine is suitable for the large PP woven bag company for chemical, chemical fertilizer, building materials, cement.

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Performance and Characteristics

This machine is suitable for the large PP woven bag company for chemical, chemical fertilizer, building materials, cement. It can make 4 colors, 5 colors, 6 colors and 7 colors (4+3, 5+2 and 7+0) as clients’ requirement. It is continuous and double side printing, reduce labor intensity and improve working efficiency, the speed is about 50-100m/min. The speed control motor to make sure the smooth running, the printing ink is transmitted by the advanced anilox roller with even ink color, accurate color register.

This machine is reasonable structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.


Main Technical Parameters

  Model  QF-RY800
  Max. diameter of printing roll   1200mm
  Max. width of printing roll   750mm
  Max. printing width   650mm
  Printing length   500-1600mm
  Number of printing color   4-7
  Printing speed   50-100m/min
  Gross power   15kw
  Weight   3500-5000kgs
  Dimension   13000×2100×2800mm

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.


About New Portable Sewing Machine


This New Portable Sewing Machine was designed with the modern sewer in mind. It has a lightweight design for easy portability and has various features that make it a powerful tool. With this machine, you can easily sew most fabrics, making it ideal for a variety of projects.


Yiran machine introduces a New Portable Sewing Machine that is small, lightweight, and easy to use. This machine is perfect for small repairs or projects that don't require a lot of fabric. It also has a built-in light for sewing in dark areas.


Now is the perfect time to start sewing with the New Portable Sewing Machine. These machines are very easy to use and can handle a wide variety of fabrics. They are great for repairing clothes or making your own creations.


With the New Portable Sewing Machine, we can now sew items without having to find an open machine or a place to put them. These machines are easy to use and compact, making them ideal for travel. In addition, they have several functions that make sewing more convenient, such as automatic threading and needle positioning.


Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine


Woven bag cutting and sewing machine is a new technique that allows you to create unique woven bags quickly and easily. This machine uses a small cutting wheel to quickly cut the fabric, then the sewn pieces are joined together automatically. The project is simple enough for beginners, but can also be customized to create unique and personalized bags.


Woven bag cutting and sewing machine is an amazing tool that can be used by anyone who wants to make a woven bag. This machine is very easy to use, and all you need is a basic knowledge of sewing. The machine cuts the fabric and sews it together, making it very simple to create a woven bag.


Automatic PP woven bag cutting and sewing machine prices are on the rise as businesses look to save time and money on their manufacturing process. Inexpensive, automatic machines have made it possible for small businesses to start producing customized products without having to hire a professional. The machines can be easily set up and require little to no manual labor.


Advantages & Features



  • The Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine is perfect for creating custom-made bags of all shapes and sizes.
  • This machine is easy to operate and includes a variety of features that make it perfect for any sewing project.
  • The Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine can be used to create a variety of different bags, including tote bags, purses, and backpacks.
  • This machine is fast, efficient, and durable, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create high-quality bags.
  • The Woven Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine includes a number of features that make it easy to use, including a thread cutter, a speed control slider, and a needle up/down button.

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