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Lamination Machine for PP Sack and Film

Model : PL-FHJ-1000

Making use of the good adhesive property of polypropylene & polyethylene at melting status, the machine adheres and laminates paper or color-printed OPP & CPP film to woven bag under pressure.

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Performance and Characteristics


  • low cost
  • Simple operation and stable performance
  • Fast speed, accurate cutting and good reliability
  • improve product quality

Main Technical Parameters

 Model  Dia. of screw (mm)  L/D ratio of screw  No. of die  Width of die  Gross power (Kw)  Motor power of extruder (Kw)  Max. coating width (mm)

Speed (m/min)

Installing dimension (L×W×H) (mm)

 Weight (kg)
 PL-FHJ-1000   90   28:1   2   1000   71   15   750




Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.


Best Lamination Machine


Lamination machine is a device that helps to create a large number of identical sheets of paper out of smaller pieces. It consists of a pair of rollers that squeeze the paper together and a pressing mechanism that creates an impression on the top layer of the stack. The machine usually operates at a high speed, which makes it efficient for producing large numbers of copies or sheets quickly.


Lamination machines are important tools in the production of various items such as boxes, folders, and other products. They use a series of flat belts to create a product that is then cut into desired shapes. The process of lamination is often used to create products made of different materials, such as plastic and paper. The machines can be used to create a variety of different products, depending on the type of belt and the material being laminated.


Coating Machine


A coating machine is a machine that applies a thin film of material to a surface. The material is usually either liquid or a powder, and the machine uses one or more rotating drums to spread the material evenly over the surface.


Coating machines are a crucial piece of equipment in the manufacturing process. They help to create finishes on products such as metal parts and plastic parts. The machines can apply coatings using a variety of methods, including spraying, dipping, and brushing. They are also used to create patterns on products.


 Application range of Lamination Machine


Lamination machines are used to create a variety of products, including posters, banners and plastic sheets. The machines use a series of rollers to create the desired pattern, then heat sealing makes the product waterproof and durable.


Lamination machines are used in a variety of industries to create products such as packaging, labels, and containers. The machines use a stack of sheets of paper that are laid down one on top of the other and then heated up to create a strong adhesive between the sheets.


Tips for buying a laminate machine


Laminate machines come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones have a few things in common. They are reliable, easy to use, and produce high-quality prints. With so many choices on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a laminate machine: 


-Print quality: The most important factor when choosing a laminate machine is print quality.

-How many sheets will be laminated at a time? 

-How large will the finished product be? 

-What type of material will be laminated? 

-How accurate is the machine's heat?


About Lamination Machine for PP Sack and Film


A lamination Machine for PP Sack and Film is a machine that can laminate PP Sack and Film. The machine has the ability to apply pressure and heat simultaneously to permanently bond the two materials together. This machine is ideal for companies producing sacks and films as it helps to improve product quality.


A lamination Machine for PP Sack and Film is the equipment for producing PP Sack and Film. Not only PP woven bags can be produced, but also PP films can be produced. The width and thickness of the film can be customized according to customer requirements.


Advantages of Lamination Machine for PP Sack and Film


The Lamination Machine for PP Sack and Film has the ability to laminate both sides of the material at the same time. This helps make stronger, more durable materials. The machine is also able to heat seal the edges of the material, which helps keep the material together.

1. Lamination Machine for PP Sack and Film is a professional machine for producing high-quality PP Sack and Film.

2. The machine has the advantages of convenient operation, low noise, and stable performance.

3. Can save you a lot of time and money, allowing you to quickly and easily produce sacks and films.

4. Using this machine can improve product quality and increase profits.


ABOUT US - Yiran machine 


YIRAN  is The continuous supply of high-quality products from Chinese Lamination Machine for Lamination Machine for PP Sack and Film, Lamination Machine ,Coating Machine manufacturers, factories, and suppliers, coupled with our exceptional pre-and after-sales service, ensures strong competitiveness in an increasingly globalized market.


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