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Intelligent Roll by Roll Printing Machine of PP Woven Bag

Model : QF-ZNY-8800

The intelligent roll by roll printing machine of PP woven bag is a new kind of printing machine that has been developed in recent years. With the help of this machine, it is now possible to print large quantities of PP woven bag at low cost and with high quality. The machine is very easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes.

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Performance and Characteristics

1. Auto. Feeding

2. Auto. EPC

3. Double side print one time, accurate color registration

4. The length of bag no need to change the printing cylinder, it is intelligent controlled

5. PLC touch screen control to set the length of bag and auto. version

6. Sensor tracing is suitable for the double side printing

7. 360° longitudinal electric auto. Version

8. Auto. ink transport when the machine starts

9. Press printing with auto. Clutch, no defective bag stop and start the machine

10. Double-side auto. constant temperature oven

11. Frequency control unwinding and rewinding

12. Start and stop the machine is remote controlled


Main Technical Parameters

  Model   QF-ZNY-8800
  Max. Unwinding Dia. (mm)   1200
  Max. Size of woven fabric (mm)   800*1300
  Max. Printing area (mm)   700*1100
  Printing plate thickness (mm)   4
  Production capacity (pcs/min)   70-100

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.


About Printing Machine of PP Woven Bag


Printing Machine of PP Woven Bag, also known as thermal transfer machine, is a kind of high-tech machinery with mature technology. Printing Machine of PP Woven Bag can not only print text, patterns and pictures on the surface of PP woven bags but also print fabric clothes, hats, umbrellas, and other daily necessities. With the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality, and low price, it is ideal equipment for producing PP woven bags.


Printing Machine of PP Woven Bag


1. Printing Machine of PP Woven Bag is a very important machine.


2. For printing text or images on various surfaces, this information can include the size, weight, and other specifications of the bag.


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