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High-Speed Circular Loom for Mesh Bag

Model : PL-850/6

This four-shuttle little cam circular loom is designed for the high quality tubular or flat fabric by PP and HDPE. 

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Performance and Characteristics

High-Speed ​​Circular Loom for Mesh Bag is a new type of loom developed to increase production speed, with several features that make it faster and more efficient than traditional looms. It can produce a mesh bag in seconds, compared to the minutes or even hours required by traditional looms.


Main Technical Parameters

 Model  NO.of shuttles (pcs)  Width of weaving (mm)  Max.no of warp (pcs)  Speed of mainframe (r/min)  Capacity (m/min)  Motor power (Kw)  Total power (Kw)  Installing dimension (L×W×H) (mm)  Weight (kg)
 PL-850/6   6   300-850   720   120-160   1.8-2.4   2.2   2.7   9500×2400×3000   2200

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.


Electronic Motion Control High-Speed Bags Making Machine



The electronic motion control high-speed bags making machine is the newest innovation in the world of manufacturing. This new machine is designed to help manufacturers cut down on production time and increase their efficiency. The machine allows for quick and accurate production of bags with a wide range of materials, including plastics, metals, paper, and textiles. It also features advanced motion control technology that enables it to produce bags at a much faster speed than traditional methods.


About High-Speed Circular Loom for Mesh Bag


High-Speed ​​Circular Loom for Mesh Bag is an important piece of equipment in the field of weaving. It is used to weave high-quality mesh bags of different sizes and shapes. The working principle of the device is very simple. The weft yarn is transferred from the weaver's warp beam to the cloth warp beam, and then to the warp beam, which is wound on the bobbin.


High-Speed ​​Circular Loom for Mesh Bag is specially designed for mesh bag production and can weave mesh bags of any size, the equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, and low cost.


High-Speed Circular Loom for Mesh Bag


1. High-Speed ​​Circular Loom for Mesh Bag is a machine for weaving mesh bags with continuous strips of mesh fabric.


2. High-Speed ​​Circular Loom for Mesh Bag is a high-speed, computer-controlled machine that can produce mesh bags in minutes.


3. The loom has a shuttle that moves back and forth across the width of the fabric to weave the mesh into bags.


4. The loom can weave a variety of mesh sizes and shapes.


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