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Full Automatic Slitter Rewinder Machine

Full Automatic Slitter Rewinder Machine is an efficient and powerful machine for the production of roll materials, such as paper, film, aluminum foil, plastic film and so on. It can finish slitting and rewinding in a single process. It features high-precision cutting technology and can produce products with uniform size with high accuracy. The machine is also equipped with advanced automatic tension control system which ensures good stability and reliability of the whole process. The operator-friendly design allows easy maintenance and operation of the machine. This machine is ideal for any production line that requires precise cutting and rewinding processes.

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Full Automatic Slitter Rewinder Machine



This ZSFQ-C series machine suitable for jumbo roll material slitting ,such as cardboard paper, craft paper, Self-adhesive Paper, insulation paper, self adhesive sticker paper ,paper label ,plastic label,coated paper,PVC,PET,BOPP ,PE etc plastic film. 


Performance and Characteristic:

1. The machine use PLC control,three pcs Servo Motors, tension automatic control surface&center rewinding together way(The rewinding way make the narrow roll hard and slitting surface smooth.)  

2. The machine use frequency converter to adjust and control speed,it can keep stability when the speed running up.

3.Automatic counter meter, auto alarm and auto stop when the machine had fault. Automatic stop when reach the rewinding roll size you are setting. 

4.The rewinding use A、B two pcs pneumatic slip shaft structure, unloader operation easy.

5.The unwinding Web Guide(EPC) use ultrasonic control way to keep and correct the web material position.

6.It use round blade slitting knife, the waste material automatic take out by blower fan.

7.Auto pneumatic shaft-less loading structure.


Technical Parameters:

Max width mother roll 1600mm
Min width finished roll 30mm
Max diameter mother roll 800mm
Max diameter finished roll 600mm
Max mother roll weight 800KG
Speed of slitting 0-300/min
Rewinding way Central&surface
Precision ±0.2mm
Speed regulation control Frequency converter 
Power input 380V,50HZ,3PH
Dimension  2000*4300*1900
Total weight 3700KG


What is a slitter rewinder machine?


A slitter rewinder machine is an essential piece of equipment for the manufacturing industry. It is a specialized machine that is used to cut, slit and rewind large rolls of material such as paper, plastic film, foil, or fabric into smaller ones according to specific requirements. This process enables manufacturers to produce multiple products from a single roll of material.


Slitter rewinder machines are widely used in various industries such as printing, packaging, textiles and more. These machines play a crucial role in improving efficiency by reducing waste and downtime while increasing productivity.


How does a rewinder machine work?


A rewinder machine is an essential piece of equipment in the paper and packaging industry. It allows manufacturers to produce continuous rolls of material, such as paper, film, or foil, that can be cut into smaller sizes for use in various applications. The machine works by unwinding the material from a large roll onto a smaller one while ensuring consistent tension throughout the process.


The first step in operating a rewinder machine is to load the material onto the unwind stand. This can be done manually or with an automated system that uses sensors to guide the roll into position. Once loaded, the material is threaded through a series of rollers that help maintain tension and keep it aligned during rewinding. At this point, any necessary slitting or perforation can also be performed.


As the material passes through each roller, it undergoes incremental reduction until it reaches its final size on the rewind roll.


What is the cost of slitting rewinding machine?


Slitting rewinding machines are used in the manufacturing industry for cutting and rewinding large rolls of paper, film, or other materials into smaller ones that are suitable for further processing. These machines come in various sizes and configurations, each with its own set of features and capabilities. As such, the cost of slitting rewinding machines varies depending on their specifications.


The average cost of a slitting rewinding machine ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on its size and complexity. Entry-level models designed for small-scale operations can cost between $10,000 to $20,000 while high-end models with advanced features can exceed $100,000. The price is also influenced by factors such as brand reputation, production capacity requirements and additional customization options that may be needed to meet specific production needs.


What does a slitter machine do?


A slitter machine is a piece of equipment that is used to cut large rolls of material into smaller, more manageable sizes. This type of machine is commonly used in the manufacturing industry for materials such as paper, plastic, and metal. The process involves feeding the roll through the slitter machine where it is then sliced into smaller widths using multiple blades.


The slitting process allows manufacturers to create custom-sized rolls of material that can be used for a variety of applications. For example, paper mills may use a slitter machine to cut large rolls of newsprint into smaller rolls that are suitable for printing newspapers or magazines. Likewise, manufacturers who produce plastic bags may use a similar machine to slice large sheets of plastic film into narrower widths that are suitable for bag making machines.


Overall, the slitter machine is an essential tool in many industrial processes.


What does a slitter rewinder machine do?


A slitter rewinder machine is a crucial piece of equipment in the manufacturing industry. This machine is used to cut jumbo rolls of materials such as paper, film, and foil into smaller sizes that are needed for particular applications. The machine works by unwinding the jumbo roll, slicing it into narrower widths called "slits," and then rewinding those slits onto individual cores.


The slitting process can be customized based on specific requirements. For instance, the machine can be set up to cut different widths of material or to create various lengths of rolls. Additionally, certain materials may require unique slitting techniques due to their thickness or fragility. In these cases, the operator may use specialized blades or pressure settings to ensure clean cuts without damaging the material.


Overall, a slitter rewinder machine plays an essential role in helping manufacturers produce high-quality products efficiently.


What is the cost of stretch film rewinding machine?


The cost of a stretch film rewinding machine is an important consideration for companies that use a lot of stretch film in their packaging processes. The cost of the machine can vary depending on the manufacturer, the features and functions it offers, and the quality and durability of its components.



In the ever-evolving landscape of modern manufacturing, the role of cutting-edge technology cannot be underestimated.        For industries seeking precise and efficient jumbo roll material slitting, the Full Automatic Slitter Rewinder from Yiran emerges as a pivotal innovation.        This groundbreaking technology not only ensures superior slitting and rewinding but also revolutionizes the way materials like cardboard paper, craft paper, self-adhesive paper, and more are processed.        At Yiran, we take immense pride in offering state-of-the-art Full Automatic Slitter Rewinders that stand at the forefront of manufacturing excellence.


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