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Flat Yarn Production Line

Model : PL-FS110/800B,PL-FS120/1000B,PL-FS120/1200B,PL-FS140/1600B

It can adopt 100% recycled materials, high percentage mixed master batch in powder or granules to make pp yarn. 

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Performance and Characteristics

It can adopt 100% recycled materials, high percentage mixed master batch in powder or granules to make pp yarn. 38CrMoAlA alloy steel is adopted for making screw and barrel; the inner cavity of die is plated with hard chrome, the die mouth adopts 38CrMoAlA alloy steel inlaid strip; the gear box adopts gear reducer with hard-toothed surface made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel; both the taking-up roller and main heating board are plated with hard chrome.


Main Technical Parameters

 Model  Dia. Of screw(mm)  Ratio of screw  Width of die(mm)  Motor power of extruder (Kw)  Heating power of extruder (Kw)  Traction power (Kw)  Heating power of oven  Capacity (kg/h)  Liner speed (m/min)  Installing dimension (mm)

Weight (kg)

 PL-FS110/800B  110  24:1  800  30  36  7.5  15  60-120  80-200  13300×1500×2000  6500


 120  24:1  1000  30  43  7.5  20  75-150  80-200  14700×1750×2000  8000
 PL-FS120/1200B  120  24:1  1200  30  47  7.5  24  90-180  80-200  16500×2050×2000  10000
 PL-FS140/1600B  140  24:1  1600  45  77  11  30  120-240  80-200  17200×2600×2200  16000
 PL-FS140/1800B  140  24:1  1800  45  77  11  30  135-270  80-200  20000×2950×2200  17000
 PL-FS140/2000B  140  26:1  2000  55  86  15  30  150-300  80-200  21000×3400×2200  20000

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.


About plastic yarn extruder


Product Descriptions


A plastic yarn extruder is a device that is used to create plastic yarn from pellets. The device contains a barrel with a die that is heated to melt the pellets. The molten plastic is then forced through a small opening in the die to create the yarn.


The plastic yarn extruder is a machine that can be used to make plastic yarn. This machine is very easy to use and can be operated by anyone with a basic understanding of machines. The plastic yarn extruder is a great tool for making custom plastic yarns for various applications.


Making your own yarn with a plastic extruder is a fun and easy way to create unique and special yarns. The extruder can be used with any type of material, including polyester, cotton, wool, and even fleece. All you need is a supply of plastic pellets and some filament, and you're ready to start spinning some new yarns!




1. Plastic yarn extruder is important equipment in the production of plastic yarn.

2. It can extrude plastic filaments with different colors and diameters.

3. The extruder has a simple structure, reliable performance, and high output.

4. plastic yarn extruder, It is ideal equipment for producing plastic yarn.

5. The extruder has been widely used in many industries.


Plastic yarn extruder supplier


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