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Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn

Model : PL-SPL-80/33/800,PL-SPL-90/33/1000,PL-SPL-110/30/1200,

High-speed flat yarn extrusion line is designed and developed on the base of introducing and assimilating the up-to-date technologies at home and abroad. 

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Performance and Characteristics

1. Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn is widely used in the production of PP wire.

2. PP yarn has the advantages of good wear resistance, high strength, good elasticity, and low price.

3. PP yarn is widely used in the textile industry, garment industry, and other industries.

4. With the development of Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn, the production of PP wire has been greatly improved.


Main Technical Parameters

  Model   PL-SPL-80/33/800   PL-SPL-90/33/1000   PL-SPL-110/30/1200   PL-SPL-120/30/1500
  Max. Output (kg/h)   200   280   380   500
  Dia. of screw (mm)   80   90   110   135
  Speed of screw (r/min)   20-120   20-120   20-120   20-120
  Ratio of screw   33:1   33:1    30:1   30:1
  Width of die (mm)   800   1000   1200   1500
  Max. liner speed (m/min)   280   280   280   280
  Denier scope (tex)   60-200   60-200   60-200   60-200
  Drawing ratio   4-10   4-10   4-10   4-10
  Spindles of winder   136   176   208   256
  Size of bobbin (D×L) (mm)   38×230   38×230   38×230   38×230
  Power (Kw)   240   290   320   380
  Installing dimension (mm)  13300×1500×2000  14700×1750×2000  16500×2050×2000  17200×2600×2200
  Weight (kg)   21000   26000   30000   32000

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.


About Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn


Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn is a newly developed PP yarn production line. The production line has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, stable performance, and convenient operation. In addition, the PP yarn produced by this production line has uniform thickness and good quality.


In the Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn, flat filaments are extruded from a die and wound onto a package holder. The winding process is generally carried out on a single-spindle machine. The speed of the winding process is adjusted according to the characteristics of the yarn and the size of the package. PP yarn has excellent physical and mechanical properties and is widely used in various fields.


Advantages & Features


1. PP yarn is widely used to make ropes, nets, fishing lines, and other products due to its superior performance.

2. Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn has many advantages compared with traditional PP wire production methods.

3. Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn is more efficient and produces high-quality yarn.

4. It is also more economical to operate and requires less maintenance.


Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn Manufacturer,Supplier,Factory


A flat yarn extrusion line for PP yarn manufacturers, suppliers, and factories is a great option for high-volume production. This type of line is easy to use and can produce a variety of yarns, including those with a very low twist.Manufacturers and suppliers of PP yarn are looking for a reliable and low-cost way to produce their product. They find this with the flat yarn extrusion line. This line allows for the production of large quantities of yarn at a low cost, making it a popular choice for many businesses.


As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of Chinese Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn | Custom Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn | Flat Yarn Extrusion Line for PP Yarn factory, we warmly welcome you to buy Machine from our factory. All products sold here are of high quality and availability.

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