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Digital screen printing

Digital screen printing involves using modern technology and equipment to reproduce high-quality designs on a variety of materials, making it a popular printing method for both personal and commercial use.

One of the main advantages of digital screen printing is that it allows for vibrant colors and crisp details, resulting in eye-catching designs that are sure to stand out. This is achieved through the use of specialized software, which allows designers to create and manipulate images before they are printed.

Another benefit of digital screen printing is its versatility. It can be used to print on a wide range of materials, including fabrics, plastics, and metals, giving it a wide range of applications in industries such as fashion, advertising, and manufacturing.

In addition, digital screen printing is known for its speed and efficiency. Unlike traditional screen printing methods, which involve creating a separate screen for each color, digital screen printing can print multiple colors at once, saving time and reducing costs.

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Performance and Characteristics


  • High accuracy
  • Reduce costs and shorten construction time
  • Durable and easy to operate




Main Technical Parameters

  Model   YR-FL120-II
  Screw diameter   120mm
  L/d ration of screw   11:1
  Rotational speed   50-80r/min
  Heating power   20kw
  Power of motor   22/7.5kw
  Production capacity   50-80kg/h
  Weight   2000kgs
  Installing dimension   4800*2500*1300mm


Knitting has never been so easy than with the Love Knitting round knitting loom set. Use with a single strand of yarn, or two strands of worsted yarn. For added visual interest, try a combination of worsted yarn and a novelty yarn or two contrasting colours. With four loom sizes ranging from extra small to large, this versatile kit makes creating knit projects a cinch. Especially handy for tube-shaped knitting, round looms may also be used for straight or flat knitting for projects or knit pieces. Includes 4 loom, 1 hook, 1 yarn needle


1. Round Knitting Looms Set includes 5 sizes looms ( 3-1/2 inch loom; 5-1/2 inch loom; 7-1/2 inch loom; 9-1/2 inch loom; 11-1/2 inch loom), one Yarn Needle, one Loom Pick, one Basic instructions.

2. Round knitting looms are sturdy and made to last. They come in 5 bright neon colors with small anchor pegs. It can be knitted in patterns once you get it.

3. Round knitting looms are lightweight, easy to use and hold, making them a great choice for knitting beginners. With sharp crochet hook, great efficient in knitting.

4. Round Knitting Looms are made with ductile materials, it help with long keeping, not easy to be ageing.

5. Round knitting loom kit includes a clear plastic carrying bag for simple transport. You can easily bring your knitting projects to wherever you may be!



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