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Clothes printing machine

The Clothes printing machine is a friendly and efficient way to quickly customize clothing. It allows users to create unique designs that can be printed onto a variety of fabrics, giving them the opportunity to create their own styles with ease. The machine features an easy-to-use interface, allowing for fast and precise printing results every time. 

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Performance and Characteristics


  • Can print text or images in any color
  • fast printing
  • good print quality
  • Stable performance




Main Technical Parameters

  Model   PL-RY800
  Max. diameter of printing roll   1200mm
  Max. width of printing roll   750mm
  Max. printing width   650mm
  Printing length   500-1600
  Number of printing color   4-7
  Printing speed   50-100m/min
  Gross power   15kw
  Weight   3500-5000kgs
  Dimension   13000×2100×2800mm

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.


Why T Shirt Printing Machines For Small Businesses?


Simple And Efficient

Printing machines are pretty easy to use, and their installation time process is relatively meager. Moreover, they perform operations smoothly and enable you to monitor their performance through smartphone apps and require low maintenance.


Meet Work Demands

Printing machines authorize you to conclude finished products in a timely way while also enabling you to accept seasonal or last-minute orders. 


Top-Notch Quality And Large Volumes

Printing machines can produce in massive quantities, and the final product will also exhibit stupendous quality.


Cost Efficiency

Printing machines will also enable small businesses to save costs. It can include doing away with outsourcing the work and focusing on in-house production. Likewise, you could cut down your expenses by only printing what you need.


Saves Time

In comparison to outsourcing, in-house printing saves you a considerable amount of time and improves your workflows. 


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