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Bobbin Yarn Cutting Machine

This machine is replace the manual blade or electric hot wire to cut the yarn on the bobbins. 

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Performance and Characteristics

This machine is replace the manual blade or electric hot wire to cut the yarn on the bobbins. It can cut the yarn in the bobbins automatically and quickly. The machine is reasonable structure, during the process, the bobbins is not damage, it is simple operation to put the bobbins into the tank of the machine.


Main Technical Parameters

  Inner diameter of bobbin   31-38mm
  Max. Diameter of bobbin yarn   50mm
  Speed   30-50pcs/min
  Main power   1.5kw
  Gross power   5kw
  Weight   500kgs

Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.


About Bobbin Yarn Cutting Machine


Bobbin Yarn Cutting Machines are commonly used in the textile industry because of their ability to make high-quality cuts without damaging the yarn. The Bobbin Yarn Cutting Machine can set a specific length and automatically cut the yarn when that length is reached. The machine is an essential part of the textile industry, helping to ensure that the yarn is cut evenly and efficiently.


Bobbin Yarn Cutting Machine


1. A Bobbin Yarn Cutting Machine is a device used to cut the yarn wound on the bobbin.


2. There are various types of Bobbin Yarn Cutting Machines, such as broken end cutters, rotary cutters, scissors cutters, etc.


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