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Printing machine operating procedures


Printing machine operating procedures


Start-up and precautions:


1. During the test run, check whether there is lubricating oil in each part of the gear.


2. Before the test run, pay attention to check that there is no dirt or small hard objects on the top of the printing machine and the anilox roller, otherwise the expensive anilox roller will be scrapped as a whole, resulting in huge economic losses.


3. The ink rubber roller and the anilox roller should be in a separated state before starting the machine, so that the large handwheel can be used to turn the paper feeding and pressing roller shaft to make the whole machine rotate. If the rotation is flexible and abnormal, remove the large handwheel before testing the machine.


4. Check and make the motor speed control knob at the zero position before turning on the power supply, turn the head on the controller to the position where it can be, turn the head of the speed control from the zero position to the position where the machine can be started, and check with the lowest speed Check whether the rotation direction of the main drum is correct, and then run for 10-15 minutes each according to the speed mark of the tachometer.


5. After stopping, use the big handwheel to turn the paper feeding and pressing roller shaft again, put the printed cardboard under the roller, and adjust the gap between the pressing paper roller and the printing roller to make it suitable for the thickness of the cardboard used (too tight will damage the cardboard, Too loose will cause inaccurate printing position).




1. Start the compressor first, put the small ink bucket with the ink on it under the air pump, start the air pump to suck the ink on the top of the machine board, and now make the rubber roller and the anilox roller run at the same time, the whole machine can start to work.


2. Check the ink thickness of the anilox roller. If the thickness is too large, it should be considered that the viscosity of the ink is too high, and it should be diluted with a little water. If the diluted ink is still very thick, and the pressure between the two rollers is small and the ink leaks, it is necessary to adjust the center distance between the two ink transfer rollers.


3. Adjust the amount of ink and print on paper. It is necessary to observe whether there is ink sucked up to ensure that the rubber roller will not be damaged due to the absence of ink.


4. When the production task is completed or the machine stops after work, the main machine is stopped first, but the printing rubber roller and the anilox are still not separated, and they are still in working state (after the main motor stops, the rubber roller motor will turn, and the rubber roller will drive the mesh spinning roller), Use clean water instead of printing ink to clean the printing rubber roller, anilox roller and ink inlet and outlet pipelines. After cleaning, the rotation of the printing rubber roller can be stopped, and then the small handwheel is turned to keep the printing rubber roller and the anilox roller in a separated state, so as not to damage the printing rubber roller and prolong the service life of the two rollers.


Precautions for safe operation


1. There should be no foreign objects on the paper feeding table, so as not to damage the machine parts.


2. It is strictly forbidden to feed two or more cardboards at the same time.


3. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine without oil in the gearbox.


4. The speed control knob must be reset to zero before starting to avoid the phenomenon of flying over the country after the host is started.


5. When starting up, it is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating parts to prevent hand clamping.


6. It is necessary to frequently check whether each pair of red stacking of the conveyor chain is on the same parallel line, so as to avoid skewing when conveying cardboard.


8. The ink must be used after the concentration is appropriate and fully stirred to avoid damage to the rubber roller.


maintenance and care


1. Fill the lubricating parts of the equipment with lubricating oil on time, do a good job of cleaning frequently, and keep the oil circuit of the equipment unblocked.


(1) An oil pump is installed in the gear box of the main engine to carry out spray-type circulating lubrication for the transmission gear. The lubricating oil is 20# mechanical oil, which is replaced once a year.


(2) The conveyor chain and the power input chain of the workbench are lubricated with 40# oil, and refueled once a month.


(3) Each rolling bearing is lubricated with 2# calcium-based grease, and there is a special oil cup, which is refueled every three months.


2. Always pay attention to the operation of the equipment, and if any abnormality is found, it should be shut down for maintenance in time to avoid major accidents.


3. Always pay attention and keep the machine clean and well done.


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