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Reverse Lamination Machine

Model : PL-FHJ-1000

Making use of the good adhesive property of polypropylene & polyethylene at melting status, the machine adheres and laminates paper or color-printed OPP & CPP film to woven bag under pressure.

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Performance and Characteristics

The Reverse Lamination Machine is a newer, more advanced lamination machine. It is faster and more efficient than traditional laminators and is ideal for large projects.

A reverse Lamination Machine is a machine that is used to laminate two or more sheets of paper together. The sheets are placed in the machine with the printed side facing out, and the cover sheet is then placed over the top. A heated roller then presses down on the cover sheet, bonding the two sheets of paper together.


Main Technical Parameters

 Model  Dia. of screw (mm)  L/D ratio of screw  No. of die  Width of die  Gross power (Kw)  Motor power of extruder (Kw)  Max. coating width (mm)

Speed (m/min)

Installing dimension (L×W×H) (mm)

 Weight (kg)
 PL-FHJ-1000   90   28:1   2   1000   71   15   750




Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.


Laminated Machine


Laminated machines are a type of machine that can be used to create products that are very strong and durable. This type of machine is different from other machines because it uses a series of thin sheets of metal that are attached together with a special adhesive. This makes the machine very strong and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.


Price of Laminated Machine


Laminated machines are becoming increasingly popular because they offer several advantages over traditional machines. Laminated machines are quieter, and they produce a higher quality product than traditional machines. They also have a longer lifespan, which is another advantage. However, the price of laminated machines is high, so they may not be affordable for all businesses.


The price of a laminated machine is determined by the number of layers, the width and thickness of the sheets, and the number of cuts per sheet. It can be difficult to accurately predict the price of a laminated machine because many factors can influence its cost.


Plastic Lamination Machine


A plastic lamination machine is a machine that is used to create plastic sheets by folding and gluing them together. The machine can be used to create various sizes of sheets, and it can be used to create various types of plastic sheets.


A plastic lamination machine is a machine that helps to laminate plastic sheets together. The purpose of this machine is to make the plastic sheets look more like a unit and to create a stronger bond between the plastic pieces. The machine uses heat and pressure to help the plastic adhere to each other.


Plastic Lamination Machine is a production line that uses plastic film as the primary material to produce different types of products. This machine is used in the manufacturing of boxes, bags, and other plastic products. It has a high throughput rate and can produce products quickly.


Plastic Laminating Machine


Plastic laminating machines are widely used in manufacturing to produce plastic parts and assemblies. These machines use a rotary or reciprocating blade to apply pressure to the film while it is being stretched across the blade. The blades help cut and smooth the film as it is being laminated.


If you are in the market for a plastic laminating machine, there are a few factors to consider. Some machines use heat to bond the plastic sheets together and others use pressure. To choose the best machine for your needs, you will want to think about how many sheets you will be laminating at a time, the size and weight of the sheets, and your Budget.


Plastic Coasting Machine


The plastic coasting machine is a new type of machine that uses plastic to coast. The plastic is compressed and then springs are used to keep the machine moving. This type of machine is said to be more environmentally friendly than traditional machines.


About Reverse Lamination Machine


The Reverse Lamination Machine is a device for laminating materials, which is the opposite of the traditional lamination process, which means that the material is heated and then placed between two films. It is also capable of laminating thicker materials, making it perfect for larger projects.


The Reverse Lamination Machine is a piece of equipment used to bond two pieces of material together, and it works by heating the adhesive on the back of the material to be laminated and pressing it against the material to be laminated. The heat melts the adhesive, which then bonds to other materials. This type of machine is often used in manufacturing to make products such as signs and labels.


Reverse Lamination Machine's use


1. The Reverse Lamination Machine is used to bond two pieces of material together by heat and pressure.

2. The machines are widely used in automobiles, aerospace, medical, and other industries.

3. They are also used to manufacture products such as signs, labels, and packaging.

4. The Reverse Lamination Machine is capable of bonding materials ranging in thickness from 0.002 inches to 0.06 inches.


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